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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  March 28, 2019 2:02am-2:16am CET

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a big day for boeing as it presents a plan to keep it seven three seven max in business after two deadly crashes it's valid to do quote everything possible to avoid another accident that as it rejects more oversight. also on the show a push from the u.s. to shrink its trade deficit appears to be paying off. and plastic straws and cutlery soon to be contraband in the e.u. the european parliament has a valid it has voted to ban ten kinds of single use plastics by twenty twenty one. welcome to the business i'm joined in in berlin thanks for joining us a balancing act for boeing as it attempts to win back the confidence of regulators and the public without inviting increased oversight it's presented proposed changes to flight software on its seven three seven max aircraft that's after two
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a deadly crashes involving the model in five months the plan came as lawmakers the madad answers from the u.s. aviation authority which approved the planes for use boeing has been demonstrating a software fix that it hopes will prevent any more of its seven three seven max passenger jets flying themselves into the ground to show the world is on top of the problems that may have caused two crashes killed almost three hundred fifty people . the seven three seven is a safe airplane the seven three seven family is a safe airplane family and the seven three seven max builds on that tremendous history of safety that we've seen for the last almost fifty years boeing says the software fix is almost ready to go but the u.s.'s safety authority the f.a.a. threw that into doubt on wednesday denying it had granted provisional approval for the upgrade also on wednesday southwest airlines which has the biggest fleet of seven three seven max has revised down its revenue forecast he says the grounding
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of his planes has resulted in almost three thousand canceled flights already have good news for boeing came from the german carrier. he says he's considering a three digit order to seven three seven max is as it expands its fleet. carter joins us now from wall street welcome to the show you and the boys unveiled a fix and the f.a.a. has also spoken do you see faith in boeing eventually being restored well it's a tiny step to put it that way still a lot of questions remain unanswered if we talk about the f.a.a. there has been a report out that it actually might take almost up to a year to figure out of this the difficulty of the seven three seven eight got too much rushed at least there seems to be no cosying between the f.a.a. and boeing so that's to a certain degree
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a bit of good news for boeing but still there kerry has to expect high costs for a pilot training all surge will probably take a couple of more weeks if not months before those planes are allowed back in the air here in the united states and it also elsewhere around the globe. a long journey ahead still for a boeing then but stay where you are yes we have even more ground to cover with you and that's because it fresh figures show that the u.s. trade deficit narrowed i nearly fifteen percent in january compared to the previous month but that was when the trade gap was actually at its widest in ten years analysts say that's mostly due to an increase in soybean exports fewer chinese imports to the u.s. amid an ongoing trade conflict between the two countries also helped train the trade deficit. back to carter on wall street now this narrow trade gap was of course a stated goal of the trump administration is the u.s.
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then emerging the winner in this trade conflict well i wouldn't go that far but what we did see in those trade figures is that imports for example dropped quite a bit so that it did help the true ease the deficit but imports fell for one particular reason because in december a lot of companies feared that there might be a new terror of some place was the beginning of twenty nine t. and so therefore they bought much more in december and that actually caused an explosion of the trade deficit given so that eased a bit and then eventually we have this truce between the united states and china and that probably did was the reason as you mentioned earlier that we saw a huge increase in soybeans exports and so that's certainly did help but this is a one month figure so the does not change anything fundamentally about the huge
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trade deficit that the u.s. is still running against carter talking trade there on wall street thank you very much. now to some of the other business stories making news around the world. u.s. carmaker ford says it will stop producing passenger cars in russia it plans to close a three russian plans as part of a broader scheme to restructure its money doing operations in europe an economic slowdown and western sanctions have put a damper on the russian market several hundred staff could lose their dogs. embattled former nissan chairman carlos ghosn may have used company funds for private spending according to a review by an external committee and it says it found sufficient facts to support that allegation gold was recently released on nine million dollars bail he has denied any wrongdoing. the main psychologies is the latest victim of
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collapse the world's largest maker of crypto currency mining chips has pulled its blockbuster i.p.o. in hong kong it filed the initial public offering half a year ago hoping to raise three billion dollars but bit quiet has fallen by eighty percent since its peak in twenty seventeen that's made mining unprofitable for many . concerns about chinese tech conglomerate while way could spy on international clients on behalf of beijing have prompted a long running u.s. led campaign against the company but the us so far ignored calls to ban its technology and the building of its networks just the same while way finds itself under heavy scrutiny from all sides. knowing you is the way we love you in the current context it sounds ominous way promises a super fast chip and artificial intelligence that can record and evaluate us and everything we do. from the product we are bringing to the market is
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a product of the future and what does the future bring we believe artificial intelligence. thanks to our way the future has already begun for the state security in china as western province beijing has installed a system of total control to monitor the muslim minority human rights groups suspect around one million we girls are being held in so-called reeducation camps she enjoying is a testing ground for the latest surveillance technology we've documented to chinese authorities use often you know in close cooperation with big chinese companies like i fly to acars e.t.e. using everything from the compulsory collection of bio data taking d.n.a. samples in from from children without permission. to the use of you know facial and voice recognition in may twenty eighth teen ways. forma germany last seen here on
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the left signed off on a cooperation agreement with china's state security while way was commissioned to develop an innovation laboratory for future surveillance technologies if it's happening in the context in which you're having hundreds of thousands of people being sent to internment saudis without a trial without lawyers that is a very worrying worrying development away maintains it's independent of the state but their website leaves no doubt about the closeness of their relationship the goal is to gather all personal data via the most intensive surveillance they beam. the technology that's being developed in scene down is not going to stay there it's going to go through the rest of china and eventually it will be brought into the belt and road project and throughout the world that is the vision that they explicitly said in their own press release that beijing is exerting enormous political pressure beijing's foreign minister lectured europe that to keep qual way
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out of the five g. market is simply immoral for the sure but. we resist all attempts to exclude and attack companies with baseless allegations for political reasons. click each. but while away is finding it increasingly difficult to present itself as a tech company just like any other. no more straws no more single use plastic cutlery no more cotton buds on wednesday the european parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of banning some kinds of plastic and the experts say it's about time. disposable plastic was long thought of as extremely practical on a picnic for example you could use your plastic cutlery once then simply throw it away . but there are more environmentally friendly alternatives such as paper straws they decompose quickly and don't endanger marine animals such as turtles
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pollution by plastic straws has been known to kill some sea life eighty five percent of the trash in the ocean is made of plastic and most of it is disposable items. experts fear that by twenty fifty they'll be more plastic in our oceans and fish up in an attempt to at least slow that down european parliament voted by a large majority on wednesday to ban single use plastics from twenty twenty one. i mean if we don't change our ways now we will choke our oceans with past scientific evidence is undeniable so are the gravity and urgency of. the problem europeans care about this i want europe to show leadership in finding solutions and raising the standards across the globe. the money factors of all products will have to be involved in ways to supposal the e.u. wants to cut the overall cost of environmental damage by twenty two billion euros in the next few years. and that's it from me and the business
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easy he's. all we can be the generation that ends it for good malaria must start so millions can live. near eat. carol the first as the patriarch of moscow and all russia he is more than a spiritual leader he embodies a religious entity that with its reach and influence will to power barely perceived in the west the power of the russian orthodox church.


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